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Fay Weir - For some people, and for many different reasons, exercise can be difficult. Physical or mental restrictions can be an excuse to just not do any. I have rheumatoid arthritis and Gary has been the first person who has been able to get me past all my fears, concerns and self restricting thoughts and get me doing things I never thought I would or could! Gary is there for you through good and bad days and will give you a truly individual and tailored plan that will get results quicker than you can imagine. You'll not know yourself and see changes bigger than your strength! Mind, body and soul will benefit. If you've always thought about getting support for your health and fitness but never done it.. Call Gary now for a chat. It'll be the best decision you make and you WILL be more than you think you can be!

Colin Mutch - Gary's a great trainer, he is able to get the best out of me and we always have a good laugh doing it.
Linda Lowry - I'd just had my 2nd child & was 3 stone overweight with no confidence. My asthma was getting worse & I knew I had to do something about my weight. I got in touch with Gary, told him I wanted to lose weight & he came up with a plan to get me started. At this stage I was uncomfortable, unhappy & paranoid about even exercising but Gary made me feel relaxed. He was with me every step of the way. I lost 3.7 stone. I still had my treats but Gary taught me more about changing my lifestyle. When I started training my moods lifted & the weight was dropping off. My biggest shock was that I could run! I completed my first 10k with Gary. If anyone had told me I would be out running I would have told them no chance. I really couldn't have lost weight without Gary's help, his faith & the determination he gave me was amazing. I still run on a regular basis & can't thank Gary enough for helping me. I used to read people's reviews like this one & think what a load of bull but honestly this man & his company have changed lifestyles off so many people & I've experienced it for myself. Gary, Karen Lawther thank you for having faith in me & pushing me along when I needed it most.

Anne Marie Donnell - I have trained with Gary at 3F for a few years and loved every minute. You got to love that every bootcamp is a surprise with have no idea what to expect next session whether it be an individual routine to working in pairs or as a team. Gary takes on board feedback from the previous session and if there are any target areas you wish to target and this will be incorporated into future workouts. During my first pregnancy he worked with me up until I had to stop. I missed the banter so much I was back as soon as possible after. Gary is not only a great trainer he is a great motivator and gives inspirational pep talks when not feeling motivated. Can't wait to get back after No 2 arrives!

Kerry Teague - You can totally be more than you think you can be. 3F will push you harder than you think you can be pushed but in an encouraging, supportive way that actually turns out to be good craic at the same time. Who'd have thought?

Karen Loughrey - The description "Personal Trainer" sounds a bit intimidating but not so Gary. Sessions are challenging but thoroughly enjoyable and definitely tailored to suit me. I have lost 1 1/2 stone so far and feel great. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to lose a little weight or get a lot healthier.

Clark Chambers - Gary really knows his stuff, he puts you through your paces and knows the best way to help you achieve results. Yes it may be hard work but it pays off and I have personally noticed a real improvement in my fitness in a relatively short space of time since starting bootcamp and have had a lot of fun. See you all next year!