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I am asked the question, "what is the best exercise for weight loss" on a very regular basis. I usually smile and answer with, "its whatever exercise you like doing".
Reason ? ........There are certain exercises that are good for building specific muscles, just as there are exercises that are good for the heart and then there are those that are just plain hard, but in a nutshell, its all about burning the calories and getting yourself moving. As kids we are constantly running around, never sitting at peace. How often did one of your parents shout at you and tell you to stay beside them? How often were you told in school to stop running in the corridors? We all, yes we all get lazy and slow our pace down as we become older so we basically need to start moving again.
If one exercise was superior in obtaining weight loss, providing everyone could do it, life would be easy for us trainers and of course the people wanting to lose weight.
So remember the real answer to the question is "the best exercise for weight loss for any individual is any exercise that they like doing"