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9/1/16 This morning's Stage X of the Parkrun NI Tour went to Queens, Belfast on the Upper Malone Road. It was the wettest Parkrun so far but made good with the excellent facilities and more than friendly volunteers. The course is two loops of mostly tarmac and hard gravel, a few small rises and pleasant surroundings even though it is mainly around playing fields. Would definitely recommend this one as in the right conditions it could be a blaster for a PB.

12/12/15 This morning we set off for Stage IX of the Parkrun NI Tour which was at Ecos Park in Ballymena. Snow and pretty horrendous driving conditions almost had us turning back but we battled on and arrived on time in a cold, wet and empty looking park. Just before 09:30 from all directions the runners began to arrive. The facilities were good with coffee shop and toilets, heat and friendly volunteers to keep everyone motivated. The two laps around the course was fairly hard going due to the cold and wet conditions under foot but the run was completed in a reasonable time. Definitely give this one a go but do it in the summer months, preferably when its dry as you will, have wet feet. Good course though.