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While training clients I am constantly chatting about the exercise they are performing or just more general chat about the weather, eating etc. On two occasions recently, I have trained two clients whom have either, not eaten a breakfast or have had very little eg. a piece of fruit. This was noticeable due to how tired they were.

You have heard it all before about how your breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, or yeah yeah, you may say, but it is. You have just been sleeping for several hours so on wakening your body is already needing food. Good food I may add not a piece of fruit or a few cups of coffee.
Breakfast will give you energy, help concentration and medical reports show breakfast will also help fat loss.
There are loads of websites etc. now saying to skip breakfast, burn the calories, don't eat until lunch time and so on.
.........They are just more fads. So guys and girls, be sensible and eat sensible and give your body a chance to work properly.
My rant is over.