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Who I Am

I've always been interested in health & fitness and decided to learn more about the science in 2010, completing my Level 2 fitness instructor training that year and qualifying as a level 3 Personal Trainer in 2011.

What started out as a hobby, training friends and running outdoor summer bootcamps quickly became a part time job - and one that I really enjoyed !

I love working with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes. I fully believe in having attainable, yet stretching goals and I believe in giving 100%. There's little more satisfying than helping people set challenges for themselves, then enabling them to reach those goals that they never believed were achievable.

So, part time has now become self employed. I still host bootcamps, still train outdoors when possible and also work with clients in their own homes if required. Now, though, I also train in my own facilities and I'm loving every minute of it !

Be more than you think you can be !!


Level 2 Fitness Instructor - July 2010

Level 2 Circuit Training Instructor - Nov 2010

Level 3 Personal Trainer - Feb 2011

C.P.D. Core Workshop - Aug 2011

Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor - Feb 2013

Level 3 GP Exercise Referral - Aug 2016

First Aid qualified